Biological risks for plant health

Expert Committee

The Expert Committee (CES) on "Biological risks to plant health" is tasked with conducting expert appraisals, mainly to assess the risks of harmful organisms to plant health.

ANSES receives formal requests:

  • when a new pest is identified;
  • when a new pest introduction pathway or risk of introduction is identified;
  • for revision of the regulations;
  • and for assessing the effectiveness and impact of management methods for plant diseases/pests and invasive weeds.

The harmful organisms in question are those for which a pest risk assessment is required to support public policymaking in plant health.

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2022-2026 Mandate

Chair: Thomas LE BOURGEOIS

Vice-Chair: Florence FONTAINE


  • Thierry CANDRESSE
  • Philippe CASTAGNONE
  • Nicolas DESNEUX
  • Sandrine EVEILLARD
  • Pascal GENTIT
  • Martin GODEFROID
  • Lucia GUERIN
  • Bruno HOSTACHY
  • Hervé JACTEL
  • Eleni KAZAKOU
  • Christophe LE MAY
  • David MAKOWSKI
  • Charles MANCEAU
  • Benoît MARÇAIS
  • Arnaud MONTY
  • Maria NAVAJAS
  • Cécile ROBIN
  • Aurélien SALLE
  • Stéphan STEYER
  • Frédéric SUFFERT
  • Pierre-Yves TEYCHENEY
  • Eric VERDIN
  • François VERHEGGEN

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