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ANSES and ACTIA enter into a partnership on food and health

On 26 June, Professor Benoît Vallet, Director General of ANSES, and André Pouzet, President of ACTIA, signed a partnership agreement aimed at strengthening their collaborative efforts to monitor and prevent current and emerging health risks in the food sector and improve the quality of food.

Over the past few years, ANSES and ACTIA have been working together to better anticipate and respond to health threats affecting the food chain and improve the quality of food. With this new framework partnership agreement, the two organisations will continue to forge closer ties by strengthening their scientific and technical collaboration as well as the sharing of data and knowledge in the interests of food safety and quality.

Alimentation et santé : l'Anses et l'Actia engagent un partenariat

In particular, this partnership is intended to enable both organisations to respond more rapidly during health crises. The aim is to gain a better understanding of emerging phenomena, particularly those relating to climate change, new consumption patterns, and the circulation of new biological and chemical contaminants. This will allow them to develop rapid detection and characterisation tools for the food production sector. The two organisations are also contributing to the nationwide monitoring of health hazards, in conjunction with the national surveillance platform for food-chain safety.

This partnership also aims to promote scientific and technical exchanges on subjects falling within ANSES's scope of work in the field of risk assessment, and in particular to collect information on operator exposure to biological and chemical hazards.

Through this partnership, ANSES and ACTIA will also communicate more closely with one another and step up their joint efforts to improve the nutritional composition of foods, consumer information, and the formulation of food products.